Industrial Hubs that are evolving in the North-West Geopolitical Zone (1)

At independence and shortly after, numerous industries – both large and small – sprang up mainly in Kano and Kaduna. In the current dispensation, that territory now has fewer factories producing textiles, meat, tobacco and matches. Fresh attempts have also been made to establish pulp and paper mill and cement plants and others.

Kano State, particularly Kano City, can be considered the most industrialized state in north-west of Nigeria. It is indeed the largest industrial center after Lagos State. Kano State currently has over one hundred different industries. These industries include animal feed, dairy products, vegetable oil, food, soft drinks, furniture, ceramics, pharmaceutical, enamelware, plastics, footwear, textile, cosmetics and tanning industries.

Some notable industrial districts are as follows:

Challawa Industrial Area, where one can find such companies as: Royal Foam Products (NIG) Limited, a foam manufacturer producing mattresses, pillows, sheeting blocks and carpet underlay; and also Safari Textile Limited; and Karishma C.K. Manufacturing Limited, a plastic manufacturer based in Kano, producing products like CPVC Pipes, PVC pipes, PVC conduit pipes, and HDPE water storage tanks; FAS Agro Sacks is a reputable industrial firm specializing in the production of quality woven polypropylene packaging, inclusive of laminated shopping bags, poly-twine, valve bags, FIBC and agro packaging for farmers.

Sharada Industrial Estate Phase 1 and 2: among the companies that operate here are Myer Industries Limited, a diversified company that produces edible items like fruit juice, cakes, bottle water and many others; Panar Limited which specializes in the manufacture and supply of pipes/fittings.

Other notable industrial districts include: Zoo Road where one can find the likes of African High Quality furniture that specializes in the manufacturing and sales of both local and foreign furniture materials and finished products.

Hadejia Road where the likes of Vitafoam Kano Comfort Centre and Unifoam as multi-national set-ups are located; the duo specialize in the manufacture and supply of premium polyurethane foam products such as mattress, bed frames, pillows, bedding, furniture, baby and maternity items;

Zaria Road – where the likes of Airflow Engineering Works Limited which assembles and manufactures air conditioning products can be found;

Balewa Road – where such big companies like BUA Flour Mills operate from;

Worthy of mention also is the Technology Incubation Center that supports industrial start-ups. Among those companies that have benefited from its facility is B. Galaxy Nigeria Limited, manufacturer of germicides, insecticides and air fresher products in Kano.

The Federal Government of Nigeria recently announced the completion of the rehabilitation of 12 irrigation schemes in Kano State. The project was implemented by the Federal Ministry of Water Resources. At least 12 irrigation schemes are back in operation in Kano State in northern Nigeria. The completed works were carried out under the Kano River Irrigation Scheme (KRIS), an ongoing irrigation project in northern Nigeria. The upgraded irrigation systems will serve farmers in Kura, Bunkure and Garun Malam in Kano. In 2018, the KRIS project incorporated the rehabilitation of the Challawa, Tiga and Ruwan Kanya water reservoirs in Kano State. Considered to be established at the heart of the famine-ridden area of Nigeria, the irrigation project is expected to enhance food security and reduce rural poverty. The rehabilitated dams will store water to supply farmers during periods of severe drought. The Kano River Irrigation Scheme is one of five irrigation projects underway in Nigeria, especially in the arid north. Thus, potential investors, especially those operating in the agricultural sector must count themselves lucky to be would-be beneficiaries of this grand government support.

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